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Zervical, a revolutionary heated neck massager from Zeus XI, is designed to address the most common neck pains. Equipped with advanced TENS Pulse Massage technology, it targets muscle stiffness and provides instant relief.

Four Modes for Personalized Comfort

Choose from automatic mode, acupuncture mode, hammer mode, or kneading mode to suit your needs. An array of 15-intensity settings ensures a customized experience every time.

Warmth When You Need It

Experience the comforting sensation of a hot towel draped over your shoulders and neck. Zervical’s breakthrough warm care technology delivers an ideal temperature range of 38~45℃.

Comprehensive Coverage

With its 6-head massage feature, Zervical accurately covers the 4-7th cervical spine peripheral massage, providing a comprehensive solution for common pain areas in the cervical spine.

Portable Convenience

Lightweight and compact, Zervical is your on-the-go companion for neck relief, wherever and whenever you need it.

  1. TENS Pulse Massage: Low-frequency pulsed electromagnetic current is conducted to the skin, and activating the human body's cells prevents soreness caused by muscle stiffness.
  2. Warm Care at 38~45℃: Like a hot towel on your shoulders and neck, breakthrough hot compress temperature setting.
  3. Four Modes: Automatic mode, acupuncture mode, hammer mode, kneading mode, 11.15-speed Intensity adjustment, 6-head massage: accurately covers the 4-7th cervical spine peripheral massage, covering the common pain area of the cervical spine.
  4. Strong Endurance: Built-in lithium battery, USB charging, one charge, 30 minutes of daily use, 15 days of sustainable use, and long battery life.
  5. Soft Silicone Inner Arm Pad: Skin-friendly soft silicone inner arm pad.
  6. Micro-Curved Surface Design: Ergonomic design fits the skin surface.
  7. Full Silicone Bracket: Softer, less pressure, neck size fits.
  8. Lightweight and Comfortable: 160G, light and thin, more comfortable to wear.
  9. High-Frequency Mute: Noise reduction design, 0-20 decibels, very quiet, almost no sound.
Product Details
  • Color: White, Red
  • Material: ABS + Resin
  • Measurements: 13.8cm x 14.2cm
— Rated Power: 3W
— Rated Voltage: 5V
— Massage Time: 15 min
— Massage Temperature: 42° C
— Massage Intensity: 15 Levels
— Massage Modes: 4 Types
— Number of Massage Heads: 6 Heads
— Battery Capacity: 1500 mAh
— Charging Time: About 1 hour
— Weight: 160g

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