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Experience ultimate relief from migraines with Zeus XI's X-Gel, your essential companion for headache management.

Effective Relief

Our uniquely designed cap delivers soothing comfort that mitigates the effects of migraines and promotes quicker recovery.

Your Comfort, Our Priority

X-Gel's design ensures a comfortable fit for everyone. It's designed to provide optimal comfort while delivering effective relief.

Easy and Convenient

No complex procedures, no extra tools. Simply put on the X-Gel for instant relief, whether you're at home or on-the-go.

Wellness Reimagined

With X-Gel, we're transforming how you manage migraines. Our cap is a testament to our commitment towards innovative, customer-focused wellness solutions.

A Mark of Trust

As a Zeus XI product, X-Gel ensures quality and reliability. Embrace a new way of handling migraines with X-Gel.

  1. The Answer to All Your Problems: This migraine relief mask is a Velcro mask with no hard ice. It's comfortable and stretchable, making it the perfect ice pack for headaches and migraines. It helps relieve tension and nasal pressure and provides stress relief. Made with state-of-the-art material and professional-grade gel, this size-fits-all stretchable compression mask is exactly what you need when you're in pain. Its dark material also helps block light and ease sensitivity while wearing it. 
  2. One Size Fits All: 360 degrees head covering for ease of movement and faster recovery. Move the ice around to suit your specific paint points; the cap can be worn over your forehead or pulled down to cover your entire face.  
  3. Easy to Carry: Clean, comfortable, and travel-friendly, stays cold for the perfect weather.
  4. Slip-On Design: This means no grafting or shaking with multiple straps, wraps, or multiple ice packs.
  5. Slip-on design means no need to fiddle and fuss with several straps, wraps, or multiple ice bags; you can easily wear it for pain relief in seconds.
  6. 20 Min Relief: Works by permeating deeply and instantly to muscle tissues and reducing blood flow to the target area, significantly reducing inflammation that causes pain.
Product Details
  • Color: Pink, Black, Purple, Gray, Blue  
  • Material: Solid Gel
  • Measurements: 22cm x 17.5cm
— 360° Natural Cooling Therapy
— Puffy Eyes and Sinus Treatment
— Eye Face Cover Ice Pack
— Cooling Gel Ice Beanie Headache
— Weight: 350g

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