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Step up your weightlifting game with Zeus XI's Wrist-X, designed to provide you with maximum support and comfort during your workouts.

Unmatched Support

Our unique double-pressing technology ensures your wrists are well-protected, allowing you to lift heavier without the risk of injury.

Comfort Redefined

The soft shell material ensures the wrap fits comfortably, even during the toughest of workouts, while our upgraded knitting technology adds to the durability.

Elevate Your Performance

With Wrist-X, your performance is our priority. Experience enhanced stability that helps you focus on your technique and form so that you can smash your goals every time.

Ideal for Every Weightlifter

No matter your training intensity, the Wrist-X is a must-have gym companion. Fitness beginners, weightlifting pros, CrossFit junkies - everyone can benefit from the added support.

A Mark of Quality

As a Zeus XI product, Wrist-X promises only top-notch quality. Train hard, train safe, and make every rep count with Zeus XI's Wrist-X wrist wraps.

  1. Prevent the Injury of Palm Joint Muscle: The wrist support can reduce excessive movement during exercise, which improves wrist flexibility.
  2. Provide Muscle Support and Protection and Can be Used for Medical Care: Flexible cuff for easy use, providing wrist pain relief.
  3. Protects and stabilizes your wrists with gentle compression during and after training and workout. Adjustable design allows you to contour to the unique shape of your wrists, firm support, and comfort.
  4. Easy to Wear and Suitable for Various Sports: Weightlifting, powerlifting, deadlifting, running, basketball, outdoor, etc.
  5. Upgraded Knitting Technology: High-density weaving has more substantial support, and high load-bearing is more stable.
  6. Double pressing for solid stability.
  7. Tighter knitting for good support.
Product Details
  • Color: Carbon Grain, Black, Silver
  • Material: Nylon Lycra
  • Measurements: 8cm x 55cm
— Injury Prevent
— Muscle Support
— Double Pressing
— Soft Shell Material
— Improve Workout Results

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