$89.95 USD
Refresh Your Adventures with Water-Go

Step into nature confidently with Zeus XI's Water-Go, a lightweight portable water filter designed for adventure seekers and safety conscious.

Clean Water Anywhere

Water-Go uses advanced filtration technology to turn even the murkiest water into a safe drink. From hiking trails to disaster zones, Water-Go keeps you hydrated.

Lightweight and Portable

Despite its robust performance, Water-Go's lightweight design makes it an ideal companion for outdoor adventures and emergency preparedness.

Quick and Easy to Use

With a user-friendly design, Water-Go offers a fast and easy way to access clean drinking water. Just fill, pump, and drink.

Durable and Long-lasting

Made with robust materials, Water-Go withstands harsh conditions, promising you a reliable water source when you need it the most.

Stay hydrated and safe with Water-Go, your reliable partner for pure water.

  1. Filter physically removes particles, protozoa, and bacteria down to 0.01 microns (minimum) in size, including giardia, salmonella, cryptosporidia, and others.
  2. Activated carbon core adsorbs chemicals and pesticides to improve the taste of water.
  3. Approximately 1,400ml per min provides clean drinking water.
  4. Pre-filter at the hose, removing larger contaminants before reaching the primary filter to increase its life span.
  5. Durable ABS material.
  6. No chemicals or electricity is required.
  7. BPA Free.
Product Details
  • Material: ABS + Tritan
  • Filter Material: Ultrafiltration Membrane + Carbon + PP Cotton
  • Measurements: 170mm x 80mm x 50mm
— Best Use: Backpacking, Trekking, Camping, Hiking, Survival
— Capacity: 2000 liters (530 gallons)
— Filter Type: Pump
— Filter Medium: Hollow Fiber UF Membrane, Activated Carbon Fiber, PP Cotton
— Removes/Destroys: Protozoa and Bacteria
— Output: 1,400 ml/minute
— Housing Material: ABS Plastic
— BPA Free: Yes
— Weight: 410g

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