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Experience High-Performance Support with Thape

Whether you're an athlete or simply someone managing through daily life, physical support is often a necessity. Thape, Zeus XI's Waterproof Breathable Kinesiology Tape, is designed with this in mind, providing you with the support and comfort you need.

Exceptional Design and Functionality

Unlike regular kinesiology tapes, Thape is specially engineered to provide high elasticity, mimicking the thickness and weight of skin. This design allows unrestricted movement while still providing superior support. Plus, its waterproof and breathable material ensures it stays intact through sweat, showers, or even a swim.

Why Choose Thape?

Thape isn't just a kinesiology tape; it's your reliable partner in healing and prevention. Whether you're aiming to boost your sports performance, recover from an injury, or prevent future strains, Thape has got you covered.

Trusted by Professionals

Sports therapists, physios, and athletes worldwide trust and recommend Thape for its quality and performance. Its durable adhesive ensures it stays in place during your most rigorous activities, and its gentle texture is suitable for all skin types.

Join the Zeus XI family today

By choosing Thape, you are choosing a product from Zeus XI, a trusted name in the fitness and wellness industry. We're committed to providing our customers with top-quality products that enhance their well-being. Add Thape to your cart today and take the first step towards better support and improved performance.

Other Features:
  1. Multiple Uses: It helps reduce tissue pressure and supports muscles and joints. It enables you to recover faster from pain. Inhibition of hypertonic muscles, correction of the fascia, protection of muscles against excessive stress, and protection of joints, lift the skin slightly to increase blood circulation, reducing swelling.
  2. Waterproof and Hypoallergenic, our tape will stay on the knees, elbows, and feet through the most challenging workouts for days without irritating sensitive skin. Designed for use by professional athletes, as well as for home first aid, this synthetic Kinesio tape is perfect for muscle injuries and recovery. 
  3. Water Ripple Design: According to ergonomic design, the blood and lymph under the skin can circulate smoothly. The tape products are hypoallergenic, latex-free, natural rubber-free, lightweight, breathable, comfortable, easy to use, and comfortable to wear. This adhesive tape is safe to use on sensitive skin for therapeutic and medical applications. 
  4. Wide application, used by physical therapists and sports medicine practitioners worldwide. Sports tape is suitable for all sports practice, whether running, swimming, gym exercise, tennis, or football, and is also applicable to Olympic Games by athletes. It can help you effectively prevent muscle strain, etc. 
  5. It is made of 100% high-quality cotton, waterproof and breathable. Acrylic glue has good adhesion, does not irritate the skin, has high stretchability, and can be stretched to 160% of the original tape, covering a more comprehensive range. You can cut it into what you want, such as Y-shape, to make it cover a larger area. 
  6. Relieve subluxation and pinch syndrome.
  7. Application of the tape may reduce pain by easing pressure on pain receptors and decrease swelling by increasing fluid movement. 
Product Details
  • Color: Blue, Light Blue, Blue Camo, Orange, Green, Green Camo, Yellow, Pink, Pink Camo, Skin, Purple, Black, Red
  • Material: Cotton and Medical Glue
  • Measurements: 5cm x 5m / 2.5cm x 5m 
— Muscle Strength Imbalance
— Reduce Swelling 
— Improve Lymphatic Circulation
— Soft tissue, Joint, and Muscle Dysfunction
— Subluxation
— Pinching Syndrome
— Overuse / Chronic Fatigue
— Weight: 76g/38g

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