$259.95 USD
Experience the Future with Thanospen by Zeus XI

Welcome to the next level of office stationery. Our Thanospen isn't just a pen; it's an experience. Crafted with precision, this magnetic levitating pen sets the standard for executive stationery.

A True Mark of Elegance 

Stand out in every meeting with the 18K gold-plated tip and cap ring. The Thanospen is more than a writing tool—it's an extension of your professional persona.

Beyond the Ordinary 

With its magnetic levitation feature, the Thanospen challenges gravity. Let your ideas flow as freely as the pen floats.

Durable Design, Comfortable Grip 

Built for performance and designed for comfort, Thanospen offers an ergonomic design that ensures a relaxed grip for prolonged use.

A Perfect Gift

Whether it's for a seasoned executive or a fresh graduate, the Thanospen is the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates style and substance.

  1. Serene and perfectly aligned, this writing instrument balances at a 23.5° angle on an innovative pedestal, creating a magnetic field to keep the pen in perfect suspension. 
  2. There are no batteries, just an eye-catching desk centerpiece that quickly becomes a smooth, satisfying ballpoint pen with an easy-glide writing experience.
  3. In addition, this version offers extra sophistication by way of the 18K gold-plated tip and cap ring.
  4. Premium business gift.
Product Details
  • Materials: Aluminum, Gold (Selected models)
  • Colors: Ordinary Cosmic Black, Ordinary Space Silver, Ordinary Ocean Blue, Ordinary Saturn Red, Gold-Plated Space Silver, Gold-Plated Space Silver Non-Gold Head, Gold-Plated Cosmic Black Non-Gold Head
  • Measurements: Pen Body: Length: 143.5mm, Diameter: 10mm. 
— Engineered To Defy Gravity At a 23.5° Angle
— High Precision CNC-Machined Construction
— Designed With Less Than 0.1mm Margin For Error
— Magnetic Cap
— Aluminum Body
— 18K Gold Plated Tip & Cap Ring (Selected models)
— D1 International Specification Ballpoint Refill Made by Schmidt (Germany)
— Includes Zinc Alloy Magnetic Repulsion Pedestal (Base: Length: 88mm, Width: 76mm, Height: 45mm)

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