Tattoo Z

$319.95 USD
Tattoo Z Mini Handheld Color Printer: Because Creativity Knows No Bounds

Dive into the world of unlimited possibilities with Tattoo Z, a mini handheld color printer designed to redefine creativity. Brought to you by Zeus XI, Tattoo Z is your ticket to instant, high-quality prints on any surface.

Portability meets Proficiency

Who said printers have to be bulky? Tattoo Z fits in the palm of your hand, making it your portable partner for all your printing needs. With easy connectivity to your digital devices, you can print any image, design, or text on any surface, anytime, anywhere.

Key Product Features
  1. Portable: Compact design lets you take Tattoo Z anywhere.
  2. Easy to Use: Seamless connection to your devices for instant printing.
  3. Versatile: Capable of printing on a variety of surfaces.
  4. High-Quality Prints: Despite its size, Tattoo Z does not compromise on print quality.
  5. Perfect for Personal and Professional Use: Whether for craft projects, business labels, or personal mementos, Tattoo Z is up to the task.
Limitless Imagination with Tattoo Z

From personal artworks to professional labels, Tattoo Z, the mini handheld color printer, lets you unleash your creativity without boundaries. Make Tattoo Z your new creative companion, where convenience and creativity collide.

Other Features:
  1. The original package comes with one standard ink cartridge, which can be used 3000 times, and print up to 415 total pages of paper (A4), usually enough for a year of daily use. After running out, you can use the "62XL" replacement ink cartridge. We also have an extra ink cartridge bundle for you to select: a standard ink cartridge bundle: except for paper, it can be washed.
  2. The maximum printing height is 14.29 mm/0.5625 inches. It can print 1.3m/4.26 feet long for a single pass. For multi-line printing mode, it can print up to 3m/9.8 feet.
  3. The printer can be connected to your device through Wi-Fi or USB; after successfully connecting, it can sync your phone language, and you can custom print content and colors on your device.
  4. Battery capacity 900 mAh, 6 hours continuous working time, up to 1 year standby time. Fully charging time typically needs 2 hours.
  5. About the Ink Shelf-Life: 18 months after use, please store it properly.
  6. It can print anything; it is a DIY printer; you can print logos, letters, expressions, patterns, and anything you want. Of course, you need to set the program in advance.
  7. Works on Any Material: Paper, metal, glass, plastic, or clothing...rough, curved, and uneven surface. (Except for paper, other materials need permanent ink or styling agent to last long).
  8. In addition to other surfaces, Tattoos Z is perfect for making safe temporary tattoos on the skin. Get creative with any design to add art or messages to the skin in a secure way.
Product Details
  • Color: White
  • Measurements: 72mm x 68mm x 51mm
— Print Speed: 30ppm
— Battery Capacity: 900 mAh
— Working Time: 6hr
— Charging Time: 2hr
— Support IOS and Android
— Certification: CE
— Weight: 110g

*The printing content can be kept all the time if printed on materials that absorb water, such as paper, cartons, etc.
*The printing content can be erased if printed on materials that do not absorb water, such as plastic, metal, ceramic, glass, etc.
So, if you want to keep contents all the time on plastic, metal, ceramic, glass, etc., you need to buy permanent glue.

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