Phuzzle Tool

$19.95 USD
Unleash Your Building Potential with the Phuzzle Tool

Unravel the mysteries of your favorite 3D metal puzzles with Zeus XI's Phuzzle Tool. This Metal Puzzle Tool Set is designed to augment your puzzle-building experience, offering a helping hand in those intricate assemblies.

Optimize Your Puzzle Assembly

Each tool in the Phuzzle Tool set is tailored for precision, enabling you to handle even the most delicate pieces with ease. No more fumbling with tweezers or dealing with ill-fitting pieces. With Phuzzle Tool, you'll navigate through the complexities of any puzzle effortlessly.

Crafted for Convenience

From its ergonomic design to its easy-grip handles, the Phuzzle Tool is built for comfortable use. Minimize hand fatigue and ensure a consistent, enjoyable assembly process from start to finish.

Complements Your Collection

Designed with 3D metal puzzle enthusiasts in mind, the Phuzzle Tool seamlessly integrates with your existing hobby. It complements all Zeus XI products, enhancing your building experience and ensuring each assembly is a success.

Invest in Your Passion

If you're serious about your 3D metal puzzles, the Phuzzle Tool is a must-have addition to your collection. Don't just build; build with precision, comfort, and ease. Invest in your passion with the Phuzzle Tool from Zeus XI.

Get Your Phuzzle Tool Today

Ready to take your building experience to the next level? With the Phuzzle Tool, a world of seamless assembly awaits. Embrace the precision, comfort, and success that this indispensable tool set brings to your hobby. Grab your Phuzzle Tool today!

  1. Recommend tool, professional for 3D metal puzzle cut tool. Wildly applied to the model manufacturing area, such as cars, battleships, robots, cartoons, buildings, airplanes, and other crafts.
  2. Flush Cutter (Clipper): Machined jaws provide maximum gripping strength. Induction hardened ensures the cut edge stays sharp longer, allowing you to cut pieces from the metal sheet faster and more efficiently.
  3. Needle Nose Pliers (Flat Nose Pliers): Smooth, non-serrated jaw faces won't mar soft metals or finished parts. Used to hold parts plus bend and twist tabs, it can reach places where the flat nose pliers do not fit. Fantastic for working in difficult and tight-reachable situations.
  4. Light and Portable: The total weight of the model tools is not heavy. Pack them in the included storage box for easy carrying and storage.
  5. Essential 3D DIY metal puzzles model assembly tools for bending or twisting small metal parts.
  6. Long flat nose for long bends and twists; clipper for cutting down the assembly parts from metal sheets.
  7. Assist tool for model toys assembling-edge bend or tab bend.
  8. Partner for 3D DIY metal model jigsaw puzzles, and help you build the models soon and appropriately perfect.
  9. 6PCS 3D Metal Model Tools: A set of 6 metal miniature model bending tools with different functions, including an edge bending tool, a tab bending tool, and other cylinder cone shape bend assist tools, making it much easier for you to lock and fix the hidden tab inside or outside.
  10. Helpful for Metal Model Beginners: The metal puzzle tool kit is suitable for enthusiasts who are just learning to make 3D metal models. Using these tools, you can quickly complete 3D metal puzzles, models, or other metal puzzles for your favorite DIY projects. DIY metal tools kit can help you quickly build and perfect a model appropriately.
  11. Scientific Design & Well Made: Made of high-quality 403 stainless steel, the tool is very durable. DIY 3D puzzle model essential tool set is small, lightweight, easy to carry, and saves your place. In addition, the handle is non-slip, can provide comfortable fingertip control and reduce hand fatigue, and is suitable for jewelry making and extended use.
  12. Wide Range of Uses: The mini nipper tool is a good helper for people keen on DIY projects, such as metal jigsaw puzzles, model making, jewelry making, and so on. Moreover, this metal model DIY tool set is also suitable for industrial, mechanical, electrical, instrument, and household appliance maintenance.
  13. 100% Quality Guarantee: The model tool kits are made of medium carbon steel, anti-static, anti-acid, anti-corrosion, and anti-magnetic for long service life. Make it easy for model making and other delicate works. 

Product Details

  • Material: 45# High Carbon Steel
— Primary Needle Nose Pliers
— Junior Nozzle Pliers
— Professional Needle Nose Pliers
— Professional Nozzle Pliers
— Roll Round Suit

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