$189.95 USD
Laxer-G: Your Gateway to an Electrifying Performance

Shine brighter than the rest with Zeus XI's Laxer-G, an exceptional pair of LED Laser Gloves designed to illuminate your stage presence. With Laxer-G, the spotlight will always find you.

Why Laxer-G?

The Laxer-G provides an immersive light show experience. With vibrant, dazzling lasers and LEDs, you control the visual tempo of the party, captivating your audience with your luminous performances.

Unleash Your Creativity

Don’t just be a part of the show; be the show! Laxer-G allows you to express your creativity in a unique, electrifying way. Choreograph your light patterns, dominate the night, and be remembered for your unforgettable performances.

Comfortable & Durable

Designed with high-quality materials, Laxer-G ensures both durability and comfort. Its sleek design allows easy hand movements and long-lasting performance without strain.

Safety First

At Zeus XI, your safety is our priority. Laxer-G is designed with safe, low-powered lasers and LEDs. Enjoy your stunning light show without worrying about safety.

Add a spark to your party with Laxer-G, your key to a radiant performance.

  1. Exceptional Party Accessory: These gloves are the evolution of a makeshift accessory that club performers have used for decades. It's four high-powered laser pointers mounted on each fingerless glove, emitting colorful rays of light that captivate the attention of everyone in the room. 
  2. Take them to a house party or any event with a dimly lit room and a bunch of bored bystanders to turn it into a festival with you as the main feature act.
  3. With a Large-capacity Lithium Battery: It can be used for about a week on a single charge.
  4. Glove Size: All sizes and elastic bands can be adjusted in size, suitable for men and women.
  5. High-Quality Material: These laser gloves are made of high-quality material which is comfortable to wear. The gloves are cross-stitched and durable with Velcro belts ensuring a snug fit for all sizes of hands. A lightweight yet powerful laser gloves to create a bright and colorful performance at a party, concert, etc.
Product Details
  • Material: Nylon Fabric + Aluminum Alloy+Brass
  • Measurements: 17cm x 11cm
— Voltage: 5V
— High-Quality Material
— Charging Time: 2-3 Hours
— 532NM 50MW High Power Laser Head (Green)
— 650NM 100MW High Power Laser Head (Red)
— 450NM 50MW High Power Laser Head (Blue)
— Power Supply: USB

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