$99.95 USD
Zeus XI L-Eye PRO: The Ultimate Rejuvenating Eye Therapy Device

Feel the difference with our L-Eye PRO, an innovative Eye Massager designed to cater to your vision health needs. Its distinctive design and high-performance features make it the go-to eye care solution for people worldwide.

A Blend of Comfort and Efficiency

Our L-Eye PRO works efficiently to reduce eye fatigue and puffiness, delivering a relaxing massage that reinvigorates you while enhancing your eye health.

Sophisticated Technology for a Healthier You

Through the use of intelligent air pressure, vibration, and heat compression, L-Eye PRO revitalizes your eyes, promoting better sleep and improved concentration.

Portable and User-friendly

With its compact design, you can enjoy a therapeutic eye massage wherever you go. Its simple interface ensures you get the most out of every session with minimal effort.

A Small Investment for Lifelong Vision Health

Say goodbye to tired, strained eyes with the L-Eye PRO. Invest in your eye health today and feel the benefits for years to come.

  1. Innovative Technology: Air pressure massage, constant temperature hot compress, vibration massage, Bluetooth music, long-term battery life, portable storage.
  2. 4D full-package air pressure massage, regularly press 9 points around the eyes to relieve eye fatigue.
  3. Constant Temperature Hot Compress to Relieve Soreness: 42 degrees Celsius, even heat, relieve eye fatigue, hot compress experience upgrade.
  4. Vibration Massage: 60-80 different frequency jitter massages per second to keep your eyes vibrant.
  5. The airbag has the order to massage the acupuncture points around the eyes repeatedly: Massage the temples and other acupuncture points to relieve eye and brain fatigue.
  6. Fifteen minutes synchronization function, so you don't need to worry about too much massage.
  7. A Bluetooth system can connect your phone to play your favorite music. This way, you can relax during the massage.
  8. Answer the call. Can chat with friends during the massage.
  9. LCD, the display is clear, and even the elderly can easily see.
  10. Five intelligent massage modes for you to choose from.
  11. You can adjust the elastic headband to fit your face, and the adjustable headband is designed to fit most people's heads.
  12. One-click folding. It can be carried around to save storage space quickly.
Product Details
  • Color: White
  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Measurements: 22cm x 15cm x 10cm
— Battery: Lithium Battery
— Battery Capacity: 1600mA
— Vibration Frequency: 60-80 times per Second
— Charging Method: USB
— Weight: 280g

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