IQ-Feed Pro III

$59.95 USD
IQ-Feed Pro III: The Next Level in Dog Puzzle Toys

Dive into the innovative world of Zeus XI with our dynamic product – the IQ-Feed Pro III. This interactive dog food toy, also known as a slow feeder dog toy, brings an exciting twist to your pet's playtime, stimulating their mental and physical abilities while maintaining a healthy feeding pace.

Features That Make a Difference

Our IQ-Feed Pro III stands as a beacon in the world of interactive pet toys, featuring:

  1. Interactive Engagement: Transforms mealtime into a fascinating puzzle, providing mental stimulation for dogs, and keeping them mentally active and satisfied.
  2. Regulated Feeding: Its clever slow-release mechanism promotes slow, healthy eating habits, supporting digestion and balanced nutrition.
  3. Resilient Durability: Made from durable, pet-friendly materials, ready to resist the most playful and energetic dogs.
  4. Easy Maintenance: Designed for quick cleaning, ensuring hygiene without any hassle.
  5. Physical Exercise: Encourages active play, boosting your pet's physical fitness alongside cognitive stimulation.
Putting Your Pet's Wellbeing First

The IQ-Feed Pro III isn't just another dog toy; it's a dog enrichment toy contributing to your pet's total health and happiness. Its durability offers more than just a temporary distraction; it's a long-lasting companion for your pet that ensures continuous mental and physical stimulation.

Join the Zeus XI family today, and introduce your pet to the fun and benefits of the IQ-Feed Pro III – because when it comes to fun dog toys, your pet deserves nothing but the best!

Other Features:
  1. Educational Pet Toys: Dogs and cats can effectively improve their intelligence through use.
  2. Move the Feeding Turntable: The pet rotates with its claws. When the feeding box passes through the feeding hole on the track, the pet food will slide down to the slow feeding tray in the middle of the toy so that the pet can get food as a reward.
  3. It is More Convenient to Add Pet Food: It comes with a foldable food-grade silicone funnel, aligns the funnel at the top opening of the food box, and adds pet food to the leaky food box through the funnel, which is easy to operate.
  4. Slow food bowl design.
  5. Anti-slip rubber pad design.
  6. Sturdy and durable, easy to use.
Product Details
  • Color: Lake Blue, Green 
  • Material: PP
  • Measurements: 250mm x 250mm x 58mm
— High-Quality Material
— Slow Feeding Diet
— Smarter IQ Training Toy

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