IQ-Feed Pro I

$49.95 USD
Engage, Enrich, Entertain - IQ-Feed Pro I

Step into the new era of pet feeding with the IQ-Feed Pro I - an interactive Dog & Cat Food Toy that’s designed not only to feed but to engage your pet in a mentally stimulating activity.

Versatility At Its Best

IQ-Feed Pro I adapts to the eating pace of your pet, stimulating their intellect while controlling their eating speed. It's perfect for both fast and slow eaters, catering to your pet’s unique needs.

Built to Last

Crafted with robust materials, our Interactive Dog & Cat Food Toy ensures a long-lasting companion for your pet’s play and meal times. Say goodbye to worries about durability!

A Happier, Healthier Pet

This toy aids digestion and helps maintain a healthy weight. Keep obesity at bay by turning mealtime into a challenging game.

An Interactive Experience

Make your pet's mealtime stimulating and fun. This toy is designed to provide varying levels of difficulty to challenge your pet, making every meal an exciting puzzle.

Why Choose IQ-Feed Pro I?

As part of the Zeus XI family, we are committed to providing high-quality products that deliver value for money. Our goal is to create products that enrich the lives of pets and their owners.

Try IQ-Feed Pro I, and experience the Zeus XI promise of quality, enrichment, and love for pets.

  1. Anti-Overturn Design: This toy adopts a self-balancing system; no need electric drive; it will move back and forth by a pet's light push; it will not be overturned while swinging it.
  2. Fun Pet Feeder Toy: With a flip-type transparent granary lid, pet food or treats can be added to the toy. The toy will wobble back and forth by pets fiddling or pushing, during which pet dry food or treats will fall out, increasing pets' love for the toy.
  3. Sturdy, Hard to Damage: This toy is made of a food-grade ABS PC. It is strong, wear-resistant, durable, and suitable for small and medium-sized dogs and cats of all sizes.
  4. Pet's Favorite Toy: This toy can replace the owner's role; it can help exercise your pets, relieve their daily anxiety without the owner being around, and increase their happiness. Enhance their IQ, making them more intelligent.
Product Details
  • Color: Yellow, Green, Blue
  • Material: PP
  • Measurements: 138mm x 80mm x 111mm
— Release Stress
— Boredom Solver
— Slow Feeding Diet
— Healthier Digestion
— Improve Dog's IQ
— Weight: 246g

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