Inzense King II

$69.95 USD
Inzense King II: The Next Level of Mythical Incense Burning

Welcome to the age of the Inzense King II. Carrying forward the legacy of our Inzense King, this incense burner offers an enhanced experience of the intelligence and power of the Monkey King.

Embody the Spirit of the Monkey King

Inzense King II is designed to reflect the wisdom and authority of the legendary Monkey King. The intricate design and exceptional craftsmanship make this burner a notable addition to your space.

Experience the Intelligence and Power

Ignite an incense cone in the Inzense King II and let the Monkey King's aura fill your room. It's not just an incense burner; it's a symbol of intelligence and power.

Inzense King II - An Emblem of Enhanced Wisdom and Power

Embrace the evolution of incense burning with Inzense King II. Experience the wisdom and power of the Monkey King in a more profound way with Zeus XI's newest addition.

Intelligence & Power Of The Monkey King

Monkey King is smart and likes attention. He is a born leader, but his arrogance can cause obstacles. That’s why it is essential to control emotions to find your inner strength, both physical and mental, and find yourselves drawn to the Enigmatic Monkey King. Combining the symbol of cleverness with the mesmerizing cascade effect of the haze awakens your deepest buried strengths, bringing a feeling of clarity & capability of what you are pursuing.


  1. Freshen the air and help relax and meditate, improve sleep quality, and reduce stress, insomnia, and headaches; it also induces calmness and a feeling of well-being and strengthens the immune system and digestive functions.
  2. Suitable for home, office, teapot, meditation, yoga, etc.
  3. When burning incense, the incense burner will be surrounded by smoke, creating a mysterious atmosphere. Gives a sense of elegance and luxury in the fragrant smell and the thought of sublimation. 
  4. The smoke of burning incense is interpreted as a symbol of the prayer of the faithful rising to heaven.
  5. Burning incense is considered the most popular way to eliminate negative energies in a house and bring forth new positive vibes.
  6. Inspiring Gift: It is excellent for those with challenging pass-through moments because the Monkey King symbol reminds them of the sacrifices and strength required to the sacrifices and courage necessary to make decisions that bring prosperity to their lives.
Product Details
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Measurements: 22cm x 9.3cm
— Improved Quality of Sleep
— Reducing Stress & Anxiety
— Improved Digestive Functions
— Strengthen The Immune System
— Inducing Calmness & a Feeling of Well-being
— Reduce Minor Illnesses Such as Headaches & Sore Joints
— Calm and Relax Booster
— Healthy Balance
— Odor Eliminator
— Aromatherapy

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