Inzense I

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Inzense I are incense burners with a design inspired by ancient Chinese stories and beliefs, like the Chinese dragons, which were known for summoning rain. Burning incense will provide a constant stream of Back-flow smoke, creating an illusion of a smokey waterfall that will fill your space with lovely fragrance, a great way to create a romantic and peaceful atmosphere. This beautiful ceramic handcraft is an excellent piece of valuable collection that will help you to relax with meditation and aid-sleeping effect. China is an agricultural country, and rainwater is very important for farming; hence dragons were viewed as a benevolent deities that helped bring prosperity to the land. Chinese dragons also govern rain-related natural elements (Wind, clouds, mist, thunder, and lightning). Many Chinese villages in pre-modern times had temples dedicated to their local "dragon king" (especially those close to rivers and seas). In times of drought or flooding, it was customary for government officials and local gentry to lead the community in offering sacrifices and conducting other religious rituals to appease the Dragon, either by asking for rain or a cessation.

Balance & Strength Of The Pyramid
The Pyramids help balance the electromagnetic field of the human body, thereby accelerating the spiritual consciousness of the seeker. It creates an island of conscious repose and enhances concentration.

Purity & Non-Attachment Of The Lotus
The lotus grows in muddy water; it symbolizes the purity of the enlightened mind arising amidst the suffering of samsara. It also represents non-attachment, as it is rooted in mud (attachment and desire), but its flowers blossom on long stalks unsullied by the mud below. The lotus represents the purity of the body, speech, and mind as if floating above the murky waters of material attachment and physical desire.

Wisdom & Control Of The Majestic Dragon
The Dragon symbolizes power, strength, and good luck to everybody in East Asian culture. We often struggle with controlling our emotions and letting the Dragon unleash, taking us out of control and making us act foolishly.
We hope this handcrafted Majestic Dragon will always remind you to control your inner Dragon and turn it into strength and kindness.

Strength & Elegance Of The Crystal Dragon
An incense burner was designed in honor of the dragon crystal ball, which is associated with the performance of clairvoyance and scrying. In Chinese culture, dragon balls are helpful to guide the dragon forward. Although a dragon is a special animal from the east, and the sunrise starts from the east, the dragon ball can also represent the sun.

  1. Freshen the air and help relax and meditate, improve sleep quality, and reduce stress, insomnia, and headaches; it also induces calmness and a feeling of well-being and strengthens the immune system and digestive functions.
  2. Suitable for home, office, teapot, meditation, yoga, etc.
  3. When burning incense, the incense burner will be surrounded by smoke, creating a mysterious atmosphere. Gives a sense of elegance and luxury in the fragrant smell and the thought of sublimation. 
  4. The smoke of burning incense is interpreted as a symbol of the prayer of the faithful rising to heaven.
  5. Burning incense is considered the most popular way to eliminate negative energies in a house and bring forth new positive vibes.
Product Details
  • Material: Ceramic
— Improved Quality of Sleep
— Reducing Stress & Anxiety
— Improved Digestive Functions
— Strengthen The Immune System
— Inducing Calmness & a Feeling of Well-being
— Reduce Minor Illnesses Such as Headaches & Sore Joints
— Calm and Relax Booster
— Healthy Balance
— Odor Eliminator
— Aromatherapy
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