$149.95 USD
iMagic: Your Next-Level iPad Accessory

Welcome to a new era of convenience and functionality. The iMagic, brought to you by Zeus XI, is more than just an iPad stand. This innovative accessory combines a robust magnetic stand with the modern convenience of wireless charging.

A Powerful Magnetic Stand for iPad

Built to last and impress, the iMagic magnetic stand is designed to hold your iPad securely. This gives you the flexibility to use your device hands-free, whether you're watching, working, or connecting with others.

Wireless Charging, Unleashed

Breathe new life into your iPad with our built-in wireless charging feature. The iMagic stand removes the hassle of tangled wires and offers a clean and efficient power solution, keeping your iPad powered up and ready to go.

Zeus XI: Innovating for You

At Zeus XI, we believe in pushing boundaries. With the iMagic iPad stand with wireless charging, we are rewriting the rulebook on what an iPad accessory can do. Step into the future with us, and let iMagic elevate your iPad experience.

  1. Advanced Magnetic Attachment: With strong magnetic built-in and a perfect layout to align the tablet, the magnetic holder for iPad can attach and hold your tablet securely and precisely in place. Use your tablet hands-free without wiggling, even when you are writing, drawing, or typing, enabling the full-screen view.
  2. Angle Adjustments: In typical portrait and landscape viewing, the magnet holder is designed for 360° angle adjustment for rotation.
  3. Productivity Booster: Set up your tablet with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for work, as a second screen for project management or video meetings, or lift the tablet, to ease back and neck strain.
  4. Minimalist Style & Luxury Material: Made of zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, and aramid fiber, the magnetic iPad stand shows the modern aesthetic with a charming feel when touching.
  5. Wireless Desk Charger: The wireless charging base charges your Qi-enabled mobile or earbuds with speeds of up to 15W (iPhone 7.5W/earbuds 5W) using the aramid fiber wireless charging base.
  6. Premium craftsmanship makes it fashionable and exquisite.
Product Details
  • Color: Space Gray
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Measurements: 78mm x 40mm x 19mm
— Compatible With iPad Pro 12.9" Gen 3/4/5, iPad Pro 11'' Gen 1/2/3, and iPad Air 10.9'' Gen 4th
— Weight: 650g

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