Global Express XRS

The Global Express XRS was the third of 4 business jet aircraft models built by Bombardier to compete in the new ultra-long range large-cabin market. The Global XRS filled the top end of the Bombardier product line. The ultra-long-range market is defined as a new group of large cabin business jets that can fly 5,000 nm or greater. Of the 4 business jets that Bombardier has built, the Global XRS has the longest range at 6,305 nm.

The Global XRS is powered by two Rolls Royce BR710-A2-20 engines, each offering 14,750 pounds of thrust. The Global XRS uses 478 gallons per hour (GPH). The range of the Global Express is 6,305 nm operating under NBAA IFR 8 passengers with available fuel.

The cabin volume for the Global XRS is 2,140 cubic feet. Typical configuration features 18 passenger seats with 3 crew, including fully berth able seats and an aft lounge/bedroom. The aircraft has a full galley and two lavatories.

Seats 15
Beds 5
Baggage Capacity 195 cubic feet
Speed 950 km/h
Range 6,390 miles
Interior Width 8.17 feet wide
Interior Height 6.27 feet tall

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