Global Express

The Global Express perfectly balances comfort, speed, and range, making it an ideal aircraft for Owners and businesses with the most demanding travel needs.

The onboard flight attendant serves you from a full-service galley and separate Crew area, offering you privacy accompanied by the best private jet service possible. The extremely quiet cabin also features a private stateroom conducive to work sessions and relaxation and an in-flight-accessible baggage compartment. Because of the extraordinary nature of this aircraft, it has become a fast favorite among corporations and individuals with travel needs that span the globe.

Two Rolls Royce BR710-A2-20 engines power the Global Express, each offering 14,750 pounds of thrust and using a combined 486 gallons per hour (GPH). The range of the Global Express is 5,960 nm operating under NBAA IFR 8 passengers with available fuel.

The cabin volume for the Global Express is 2,002 cubic feet. Typical configuration features 11 passenger seats with 4 crew, including fully berth able seats and an aft lounge/bedroom. The aircraft has a full galley and two lavatories.

Seats 12
Beds 5
Baggage Capacity 185 cubic feet
Speed 950 km/h
Range 6,226 miles
Interior Width 8.17 feet wide
Interior Height 6.25 feet tall

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