$89.95 USD
Fix-It: Elevate Your DIY Efforts

Meet Fix-It, the electric screwdriver from Zeus XI that's about to revolutionize your do-it-yourself endeavors.

Power in Your Hands

No more straining with manual tools. The Fix-It electric screwdriver delivers consistent, dependable power that transforms even the most challenging tasks into a breeze.

Precision Crafted

Fix-It is designed for precision. The intricate work that was once a challenge becomes simple with this expertly engineered tool.

Zeus XI Innovation

Fix-It embodies Zeus XI's innovative approach to household tools. We don't just provide gadgets – we upgrade your DIY capabilities and turn projects into enjoyable experiences.

A Trusted Companion

Fix-It isn’t just an electric screwdriver; it’s a reliable partner that empowers you to do more. Embrace the Fix-It advantage and redefine your DIY standards.

  1. Small size, built-in rechargeable lithium battery, long service life, and 400+ precision screws that can be hit when fully charged.
  2. Integrated aluminum alloy shell, anodized aluminum alloy process is antiskid, sweat-resistant, and not easy to rust.
  3. Universal Type-C charging interface. The indicator light beside the charging port can provide a low power warning and charging status prompt in Time.
  4. Thirteen battery safety tests & 3 charging protection is safer.
  5. Three LED lights provide enough bright spots, and a separate button switch controls the turn on and off of the LED lights, which is more power-saving and durable.
  6. Nineteen kinds, Forty-Eight pcs S2 steel precision bits, hardness up to 60HRC, tough and durable, meets mainstream electronic products' needs, and new small household appliances disassembly and assembly.
  7. Six pcs commonly used 45mm long bits to cope with more complex situations such as deep holes, narrow spaces, etc.
  8. Dual Power Mode: Forward switch, Reverse switch, LED lights.
Product Details
  • Color: Silver
  • Materials: S2 Steel
  • Measurements: 213mm x 64mm x 33mm 
— Battery Capacity: 350mAh
— Charging Time: <50mins
— Battery Type: Lithium Battery
— Electric Torque: 0.25-0.35N.m
— Voltage: 3.7V-DC
— Free Speed: 180r/min
— Manual Torque: 3N.m
— Weight: 54g
— Net Weight: 256g

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