$39.95 USD
Introducing Fhanx: The Handheld Fan Reimagined

Fhanx is not just a handheld fan - it's a versatile companion designed by Zeus XI to assist you throughout your day.

Personal Breeze, and More

Fhanx is a compact handheld fan providing a cooling presence for those hot days. But that's not all - it also incorporates a practical flashlight and a backup power bank, ensuring you're ready for any situation.

Light Your Way

Caught in the dark? No worries. The integrated flashlight of Fhanx illuminates your surroundings when you need it most. It's a handheld fan that doubles as a beacon.

Power on Demand

Our lives are driven by devices, and Fhanx is here to keep them charged. The built-in power bank allows for on-the-go device charging, making Fhanx a lifesaver in power emergencies.

Zeus XI's Innovation

Fhanx reflects Zeus XI's commitment to innovative solutions that simplify life. Like every Zeus XI product, Fhanx offers quality, reliability, and smart design.

Embrace the multifunctionality of Fhanx, the handheld fan that's more than a fan. It's a companion for life's unexpected moments.

  1. High Performance, Portability & Fashion: More battery life, more portable, and more features.
  2. 14-46 Hours Cooling Time: Up to 46 hours cooling time in one full charge. Super-long battery life allows you to enjoy it while traveling, commuting, working, and doing other outdoor activities. This mini handheld fan is USB rechargeable through a regular USB socket, laptop, power bank, or car charger.
  3. A Palm-sized Backup Charger: Featured with a unique and pocket-size design, Fhanx portable fan is easy to jam into a bag to tote around. And it is a perfect option as an external backup power bank to charge your phone if necessary.
  4. Designed with a Flashlight Function as a Bonus: You may not look for a flashlight first, but you will find this is quite helpful when going for a walk at night.
  5. Three-Stage Transformable Fan: It can be folded entirely to hide the blades, making it small and compact enough to slip into nearly any pocket. It's a handheld fan when 180°folded and a desktop fan when 270°folded.
  6. Soft Blades: With unique soft TPE material, the blades are very safe. If you accidentally touch the rotating blades, the soft blades will automatically stop and keep you safe.
Product Details
  • Color: White, Blue, Brown, Pink
  • Measurements: 43.5mm x 41mm x 133mm
— Fan Speed: Three Gears of Wind
— One-Time Charge for Five Days of Use
— Maximum Power: <20W
— UAV Blade
— Power Supply: Type-C
— Charging Time: 3 hours
— Tesla Cell
— Output Power: 5V/1A USB
— Strong Wind: 4m/s
— Ultra-Silence
— Weight: 180g

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