$179.95 USD
Discover Precision with Eaglez Telescope Rangefinder

Welcome to a world of precision and clarity with the Eaglez Telescope Rangefinder, your ultimate partner for distance and speed measurements.

Six Modes, One Rangefinder

Our Eaglez Rangefinder boasts an innovative Six Mode feature to cater to a wide array of measurement needs. From flagpole locking to horizontal and vertical measurements, this rangefinder is a master of all. Switch effortlessly between distance, speed, angle, and scanning models.

A True Visionary in the Industry

As the latest addition to the Zeus XI line-up, Eaglez Telescope Rangefinder offers stellar functionality that redefines the standards for the industry.

Say Goodbye to Limitations

Don't limit your viewing potential. The Eaglez Telescope Rangefinder provides precise, high-speed measurements that give you the edge, whether you're bird-watching, hunting, or exploring the night sky.

Join the Zeus XI Family

When you choose Zeus XI, you're choosing precision, quality, and dedication to superior viewing experiences. Get ready to view the world through a clearer lens with Eaglez Telescope Rangefinder.

  1. Six Mode: It can meet all kinds of measurement needs; you can change flagpole locking, range, volume, area, speed, and scanning model for distance measurement, speed measurement, angle measurement, and horizontal and vertical measurement freely.
  2. Better View: Diopter adjustment (±3D) knob for short-sighted or far-sighted people to use, which frees you from glasses and allows you to view objects clearly from a long distance with 7X magnification; also, you can transform the units between meters and yards quickly by long-press the "MODE" button.
  3. Lightweight and Portable: With a tripod screw hole, which can be attached to any standard tripod to provide more stability for long-distance measurement, it comes with a wrist strap that can be worn around your wrist to avoid dropping; besides, a durable carrying case helps to keep safe.
  4. USB Charging: Equipped with a 750 mAh rechargeable lithium battery, ensuring it can measure more than 30000 times when fully charged. (USB cable (included) could be charged from any regular charging port.)
Product Details
  • Color: Black 
  • Measurements: 104mm x 76.5mm x 41mm
— Magnification: (6.0±5%)X
— Unit Selection: M, Y
— Field of View: 6°±10%
— Distance Accuracy: ±(1.0m+D*0.2%)
— Speed Measure Accuracy: ±5kM/H
— Battery: 750 mAh Li-ion(Built-in)
— Water Resistant: IP54
— Multi-Function Color LCD Touch Display (*)
— Measurement Units: Degree(°), Percentage(%)
— Display: Advanced LCD Display with Backlight (*)
— Working Voltage: 3.7
— Maximum Storage Data: 30 Records (*)
— Weight: 185g

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