$239.95 USD
E-Globe: A Touch of Magic

Witness the enchantment of E-Globe, our Magnetic Floating World Geographic Globe Lamp. This masterpiece from Zeus XI combines innovative technology and stunning aesthetics to redefine your space.

Levitating Design

Defying gravity, E-Globe magically floats above its book-style platform. This fascinating feature makes it more than a lamp; it's a conversation piece that captures attention.

A World of Illumination

E-Globe's soft, ambient light creates an inviting atmosphere. Use it as a unique night lamp or as a centerpiece for your workspace or living room.

Global Appeal

Featuring a detailed world map, E-Globe reflects your global perspective and intellectual curiosity. It's not just a lamp; it's a statement of your worldview.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

As part of the Zeus XI line, E-Globe represents our commitment to quality and innovative design. Illuminate your surroundings with E-Globe and explore the beauty of our planet in a novel way.

  1. Hanging in the air rotates, and the work is stable; its LED light looks great when turned on in the dark. It is easy to install with the white strips in the packaging.
  2. The gravity of the floating globe can be compensated by the suction between the electromagnet and the top magnet of the Earth, so when the base is powered, the magnetic globe will float in the air.
  3. Novelty Gifts: Most people will like special high-tech tools. Widely used for advertising displays, children's interactive teaching tools, office desktop decoration, business gifts, craft gifts, creative birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, etc.
  4. Different Scenarios: It can be used as a home or office desktop decoration, teaching equipment, toys, and a creative gift for your friends to surprise.
Product Details
  • Color: Dark Blue, Light Blue
  • Material: ABS
  • Measurements: 170mm x 40mm
— Power Supply: AC Adaptor
— DC Output 15V/1000MA
— Light Color: Colorful
— Rotate: 360 Degree Free Rotating

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