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Introducing Blize - Refreshment On the Go

Redefine your hydration game with Blize, Zeus XI's innovative Ice Cube Maker Bottle. This unique bottle lets you make and carry ice cubes directly in your water bottle, providing instant refreshment anytime, anywhere.

Efficiency and Convenience

With Blize, you don't have to rely on conventional ice cube trays or store-bought ice. It's designed for your convenience, making ice cube creation a breeze. Simply fill the bottle with water, freeze, and you're ready to go!

Portable and User-Friendly

Blize's sleek design makes it easy to carry, fitting seamlessly into your active lifestyle. Whether you're at the gym, office, or on a hike, Blize is your perfect hydration companion.

Experience Zeus XI Quality

As with all Zeus XI products, Blize ensures top-notch quality and performance. Enjoy the convenience, embrace the efficiency, and become a part of the Zeus XI family.

  1. Unique 2-in-1 Ice Cube Maker: It's not just an ice cube tray; it's also a container that can directly drink any beverage. It can easily make 17 full ice balls at once, is convenient to use and clean, and has a sealed bottle cap to prevent odor. Compared with traditional ice trays, it can prevent discs from spilling, can be used in 3 different ways, and does not contain Bisphenol A, allowing you to enjoy freshness at home anytime.
  2. Conventional Drinking Method: Place the ice disc in a glass with a drink, and you will have an instant cold experience. 
  3. Novel Drinking Method: Pour drinks into this ice cube maker, shake them for a few seconds, drink directly, and enjoy the natural ice drink.
  4. Safe and Durable: The ice cube maker is made of Tritan, the optimal material for baby bottles. It is durable and flexible to use, non-toxic and odor-free, does not crack or break, and is easy to fill, remove, and clean; all in all, it is an excellent material that can serve you for a long time. 
Product Details
  • Color: Grey, Pink, White
  • Material: Tritan
  • Measurements: 11.4cm x 27.3cm x 5.8cm
— Container Tool
— Easy Water Injection
— Ice Hockey Kettel
— Eco-Friendly

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