Aquaholic X

$119.95 USD
Introducing Aquaholic X - The Epitome of Speed and Luxury

Aquaholic X isn't just a high-speed remote control boat; it's an invitation to experience water adventures on a whole new level. Built with meticulous attention to detail, this remarkable piece from Zeus XI combines performance, luxury, and style.

Unleash Unparalleled Speed

Ready for the thrill of your life? Aquaholic X is engineered to reach exhilarating speeds of up to 30 km/h. Challenge the limits of water sports and dominate the waters with ease.

Zeus XI - A Pledge to Excellence

Being part of the Zeus XI community means enjoying the best in luxury lifestyle products. We're not just about products; we're about the experience. Let Aquaholic X be your entry into a world of high-speed water adventures.

Join the Zeus XI Community

Dive into the world of Zeus XI and redefine what luxury means to you. Are you ready for the Aquaholic X experience?

  1. Strong Power: Adopting the rare dual-motor design in the market, the power is strong, and the driving is stable, which makes it easier for the operator to get started. Equipped with high-burst batteries, the battery life is more durable.
  2. Frequency Remote Control: With a 2.4GHZ remote control frequency, its signal anti-interference ability is powerful and will not be interfered with even in a competition of crowds.
  3. Large Capacity Battery: 7.4V with a high outbreak of large-capacity battery, powerful energy saving, to provide strong backing for the output power.
  4. Fully Sealed and Waterproof: Fully sealed design prevents water from entering the boat more effectively.
  5. Double-Pointed Shape: The shape scientifically reduces water flow and wind resistance.
  6. 30KM per Hour, Feel the Passion Brought by Speed: Rare market dual-motor design, efficient energy conversion than ordinary motor means more strongly, and the driving stability, a battery with a high outbreak, speed up to 30 km per hour.
  7. German Quality: With years of remote control technology, military industry manufacturing standards, and domestic and foreign technology research and development bases with industry characteristics, it has always maintained a good market reputation.
Product Details
  • Color: Silver, Black
  • Material: ABS, Metal
  • Measurements: 32cm x 9.5cm x 5.5cm
— Remote Radio: 2.4Ghz
— Boat Battery: 7.4V 650mAH Lithium Battery
— Control Distance: 100m
— Max Speed: 30km/h
— Running Time: 25mins
— Charge Time: 60mins
— Controller Battery: 2 * 1.5V AA Batteries (Not included)
— Power Supply: USB
— Power Output: 12 W
— Weight: 580g

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